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2. I am JUST NOW panicking about my Vernacular Architecture final that is at 8:30. Good job Steff.

3. OH GOD. STILL SO MUCH WORK. I really would like to graduate.

4. Baseball. I need to watch some baseball. I need to watch my boys win. Roberts Hits Upon Milestone. Aww.

5, I am going to be so dead Sunday night.
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So, I feel vaguely accomplished. I have a pseudo-outline for one of my papers. I can do this. I can do this and still study for my other exams and get some sleep. I CAN DO THIS. I am sitting in the library, my internet finally connecting. AND I AM STARVING. I am supposed to meet up with [ profile] theo_winterwood for lunch very soon and then back to the library.

Several things:
+[ profile] crescent_venus - YOU SENT ME ANOTHER PACKAGE?! I have no idea what is in this one. I picked it up on my way to the library and can't wait to open it. *stares longingly at box*
+That "fucking behemoth" project? cost $70 to print at Kinkos and the department won't cover it. BULLSHIT, I cry. BULLSHIT. Which means I owe $7. Which is a lot of money at this point to myself.
+I am tired. Probably because I have not eaten. Hence, exhuastion.
+Bradley James (Arthur) has a mancrush on Santiago Caberra (Lancelot).
+I want food. Where is [ profile] theo_winterwood

Okay, back to JUDE THE OBSCURE. OH GOD KILL ME. Why did I decided to write a paper this late in the game on Jude?
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I have no desire to finish any of my work. This is bad. I can't even force myself to work.

Thankfully I am done with my lab class. We went over edits to our final report and clocking in at over a hundred pages it is done. Fucking behemoth.

Maybe I will go to bed now and get up early. I figure this is also a bad plan as well. If I mainline all my work tomorrow then I can watch Supernatural and go to bed at a fairly decent hour and then...I lost my train of thought. Damn.
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"I feel my past like an unbearble weight on me, like a curse, the source of every movement I make, every word I utter. At certain moments the past surmounts me, and Henry recedes into unreality. A terrible reserve, an unnatural purity envelops me, and I close out the world completely. Today I am the jeune fille of Richmond Hill, writing on an ivory white desk about nothing at all.

I have no fear of God, and yet fear keeps me awake at night, fear of the devil. And if I believe in the devil, I must believe in God. And if evil is abhorrent to me, I must be a saint.

Henry, save me from beatification, from the horrors of static perfection. Precipitate me into the inferno."

-from The Diary of Anais Nin
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I AM SO TIRED. And I got like no work done do to exhaustion. I decided to start watching Wildfire to see if the chick who plays Ruby II could act. I can't make any judgments yet. Either on her acting or the show. BUT NO ONE TOLD ME NANA VISITOR WAS IN IT. You all fail. Nana Visitor was awesome on DS9 and randomly one of the best things about the Friday the 13th reboot. Also, she looks like she should be Chloe from Smallville's Mom. No. For serious:

I rest my case. Also, I am teaching myself how to use GIMP. While I should be writing papers. So many papers.
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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 01:45pm on 28/04/2009
One final down! Two more to go - both on Friday. I still have lots of papers to write but still! I was up ridiculously late this morning. I got three hours of sleep? I talked with my teacher for a bit after the final about my paper and the class. She gave everyone in the class seed packets (this was my cultural landscape class). It was exciting. Getting back to the room, I ended up taking a nap on Alyssa's bed. (I realize my bed is right next to hers but she has a fan, and a husband. And headphones. It was comfy. Leave me alone.)

Alyssa and I grabbed lunch at Goolricks and are now chilling for many hours at Hyperion.

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I am currently attempting to study for my cultural landscape exam. It is one question. I fell this go either of two ways. First: Exam is uber easy. Second: Exam is uber hard. Therefore, I am studying. I feel like I shouldn't be to concerned about it but I want to be prepared.

Blah. I got like maybe three hours of sleep this morning. THREE. POSSIBLY LESS. Sleeping was difficult. I am so annoyed. Meanwhile, I have no idea how to cite a Cultural Landscape Report. Nope, not at all. Darn. Heads up to those in the UMW vicinity: Will most likely be hanging around Hyperion again today. Probably around 3 this afternoon. Check twitter.

Oh man, I wrote an e-mail to my Mum last night asking for money (end of the semester, dude. I am tapped out. And I need me caffeine fix. As a fellow caffeine junkie my Mum will understand) and I totally signed off with : P.S. HELP ME OBI-MOMMY KENOBI, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE. This strikes me as ridiculous amusing. Probably because of the three hours of sleep I am working off of.

True Love's Kiss (Jared/Jensen) by [ profile] destina
-Retelling of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. This is for [ profile] j2_everafter. It is ridiculous and wonderful and the best reward for getting work done. I am totally going to be giggling about this through my exam. Oh man. LOVE. Disney J2 crack, man.

Jared stared at him a moment. "You know how to fight?"


"Use a sword?"

"I'm great with a sword."

Something about the way Jensen said it made Jared cough a bit. He caught himself absently fondling the hilt of his own sword, and dropped his hand quickly. Jensen lifted an eyebrow.
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I am currently working in Hyperion. I am on my second LARGE ASS COFFEE of the day. I am becoming quite enamored of the Venti Iced Americano. Oh dear. Caffeine overload.

My Cultural Landscape paper relates to my British Victorian Novel class. DUDE. CONNECTIONS. They are awesome.

Meanwhile, next week is going to be crazy. Not ONLY is it dead week but Thursday is Star Trek and Grad Ball and SUPERNATURAL. So the plan is to go see Star Trek at 7:00. Go to Grad Ball at 9:30. Grab SPN through other means and watch it Friday. Then grad rehearsal Friday. Saturday, GRADUATE. OH GOD. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

Um. Work. Have some pretty;

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I have coffee. Life is excellent. I also have a major paper due tomorrow. Awesome. I am off to sell back textbooks and then go to Hyperion for more studying. So here is a possible Part 1 of today's LinkDUMP.


+Rational Buildings Designed To `Calm the Disorderly Mind' - My paper that is due tomorrow is about therapeutic landscapes used in the designs of mental facilities.
+10 Things You Didn't Know About Somali Pirates - I am so glad I took that Pirates class last semester!
+The History of Women Bartenders - What I should have done in college.
+Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'
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I missed doing these! I got behind with all my work. So here:


+Spock And Spock, Partners In Awesome - Hell yes.
+Iceland Elects World's First Openly Gay Prime Minister
+The Vassiliev Notebooks - OMG TRANSLATED SOVIET SPY STUFF!!!!
+The Geyser Riders - Whoa, dude.
+One Eyed Monster Trailer - NSFW
In a darkly comic homage to "Alien" and "The Thing", the cast and crew of an adult film, stranded in a blizzard, must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the actor with the biggest part--Ron Jeremy (naturally). Now, with the monster on a killing spree, the race is on to trap and destroy it before there are more victims of its peculiar skills.
+Diamonds and Rust cover by Judas Priest - Dear Rob Halford if only you were straight.
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