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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 12:03pm on 30/04/2009
So, I feel vaguely accomplished. I have a pseudo-outline for one of my papers. I can do this. I can do this and still study for my other exams and get some sleep. I CAN DO THIS. I am sitting in the library, my internet finally connecting. AND I AM STARVING. I am supposed to meet up with [ profile] theo_winterwood for lunch very soon and then back to the library.

Several things:
+[ profile] crescent_venus - YOU SENT ME ANOTHER PACKAGE?! I have no idea what is in this one. I picked it up on my way to the library and can't wait to open it. *stares longingly at box*
+That "fucking behemoth" project? cost $70 to print at Kinkos and the department won't cover it. BULLSHIT, I cry. BULLSHIT. Which means I owe $7. Which is a lot of money at this point to myself.
+I am tired. Probably because I have not eaten. Hence, exhuastion.
+Bradley James (Arthur) has a mancrush on Santiago Caberra (Lancelot).
+I want food. Where is [ profile] theo_winterwood

Okay, back to JUDE THE OBSCURE. OH GOD KILL ME. Why did I decided to write a paper this late in the game on Jude?
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