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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 02:29am on 23/04/2009
Yesterday was fantastic. I was up till the early morning finishing a paper. As it was, I got very little sleep. Which sucked. I was still exhausted from the day before in which I had stayed up finishing my presentation of the Richardson-Olmsted Complex in Buffalo. I was stuck working on my class's presentation for tonight, yesterday till like almost an hour after class had ended. (I had to compile everyone's slides, revise said slides, resize images, add maps, etc..)

All in all I was done with work at 5:30 after being busy the entire day and working on very little sleep. Then...

I SAW PETER YARROW OF PETER, PAUL, AND MARY IN CONCERT; It was fantastic. I ended up getting there about ten minutes late but it was a fantastic experience. Peter was a delight. At the end of the concert, he talked about how he could only sing Puff the Magic Dragon with young people and invited people up on stage to sing with him. I was by myself and totally shy so I stayed in my seat. He started singing then stopped and said how he knows how there are people out in the audience who wished they had gone up on stage but were shy. We had ten seconds to get up on stage. ^___^

So I went up. It was AWESOME. We sang Puff and a medley of This Little Light of Mine and My Land is Your Land. It was just an amazing experience. Peter hugged everyone afterward and I GOT A BIG HUG and a KISS on the forehead. Roomie had to miss the concert due to class but she go to see Peter at the end. I dragged her on stage and he sung to us about being pretty and sweet to the tune of Over the Rainbow. Then kissed us.

It was wonderful. Then I got to go with Roomie to Capital Ale House to meet up with her class and Professor Harding. Having a beer and talking with your prof is a little surreal but awesome.

Also, discovered Roomie has a male clone.
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