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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 05:09pm on 12/04/2009
Amazon Rank

...Amazon seems to be stripping the sales figures and accompanying rankings from GLBTQ books, erotica, and romance novels, particularly those with what they term “adult content.” Well. Fuck Amazon. Smart Bitches is googlebombing. Join in. Amazon = teh fail.

So here is my Adult Content LinkDUMP!

Some links lead to NSFW places. Just a warnin' )

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I saw the Orioles play the [Devil] Rays Friday night. It was amazing. I FINALLY GOT TO CAMDEN YARDS! I saw my first (and until friday night, only) Major League game at Memorial (the old stadium in Baltimore). After they built Camden Yards, games were constantly sold out so I never got to go to another Orioles game since I moved to Kansas.

Friday nights at Camden Yards is Student Night so Left Upper Reserve tickets are $6. [ profile] theo_winterwood and I were literally sitting in the last row. The nosebleed seats. I had problems making out the scoreboard and the players numbers but that is why I have a friend with crazy awesome vision. (I need to go get my eyes checked before I lose my insurance) The game was great.

I listened to last night's game via internet radio and it was also GREAT. Today's game? Horrifying. 11-3 Rays. Damn. No sweeps yet but still. I didn't follow today's game because I couldn't find any sort of A/V feed.

Meanwhile, no work is getting done. And I changed my baseball tag.

Though I like the various forms of football in the world, I don't think they begin to compare with these two great Anglo-Saxon ball games for sophisticated elegance and symbolism. Baseball and cricket are beautiful and highly stylized medieval war substitutes, chess made flesh, a mixture of proud chivalry and base - in both senses - greed. With football we are back to the monotonous clashing armor of the brontosaurus. ~John Fowles

My sport has the best looking men:

Wright and Reyes from the Mets
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