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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 05:03pm on 27/04/2009
I am currently working in Hyperion. I am on my second LARGE ASS COFFEE of the day. I am becoming quite enamored of the Venti Iced Americano. Oh dear. Caffeine overload.

My Cultural Landscape paper relates to my British Victorian Novel class. DUDE. CONNECTIONS. They are awesome.

Meanwhile, next week is going to be crazy. Not ONLY is it dead week but Thursday is Star Trek and Grad Ball and SUPERNATURAL. So the plan is to go see Star Trek at 7:00. Go to Grad Ball at 9:30. Grab SPN through other means and watch it Friday. Then grad rehearsal Friday. Saturday, GRADUATE. OH GOD. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

Um. Work. Have some pretty;

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