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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 07:05am on 28/04/2009
I am currently attempting to study for my cultural landscape exam. It is one question. I fell this go either of two ways. First: Exam is uber easy. Second: Exam is uber hard. Therefore, I am studying. I feel like I shouldn't be to concerned about it but I want to be prepared.

Blah. I got like maybe three hours of sleep this morning. THREE. POSSIBLY LESS. Sleeping was difficult. I am so annoyed. Meanwhile, I have no idea how to cite a Cultural Landscape Report. Nope, not at all. Darn. Heads up to those in the UMW vicinity: Will most likely be hanging around Hyperion again today. Probably around 3 this afternoon. Check twitter.

Oh man, I wrote an e-mail to my Mum last night asking for money (end of the semester, dude. I am tapped out. And I need me caffeine fix. As a fellow caffeine junkie my Mum will understand) and I totally signed off with : P.S. HELP ME OBI-MOMMY KENOBI, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE. This strikes me as ridiculous amusing. Probably because of the three hours of sleep I am working off of.

True Love's Kiss (Jared/Jensen) by [ profile] destina
-Retelling of Disney's Sleeping Beauty. This is for [ profile] j2_everafter. It is ridiculous and wonderful and the best reward for getting work done. I am totally going to be giggling about this through my exam. Oh man. LOVE. Disney J2 crack, man.

Jared stared at him a moment. "You know how to fight?"


"Use a sword?"

"I'm great with a sword."

Something about the way Jensen said it made Jared cough a bit. He caught himself absently fondling the hilt of his own sword, and dropped his hand quickly. Jensen lifted an eyebrow.
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