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posted by [personal profile] rexe at 12:16am on 29/04/2009
"I feel my past like an unbearble weight on me, like a curse, the source of every movement I make, every word I utter. At certain moments the past surmounts me, and Henry recedes into unreality. A terrible reserve, an unnatural purity envelops me, and I close out the world completely. Today I am the jeune fille of Richmond Hill, writing on an ivory white desk about nothing at all.

I have no fear of God, and yet fear keeps me awake at night, fear of the devil. And if I believe in the devil, I must believe in God. And if evil is abhorrent to me, I must be a saint.

Henry, save me from beatification, from the horrors of static perfection. Precipitate me into the inferno."

-from The Diary of Anais Nin
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